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we've got some big cookie news, y'all!

I hope you're sitting down because we've got some big news for you, folks. You know we have made the best cookies in Memphis here at Muddy's Bake Shop for the past almost 8 years, but we aren't into resting on that sort of laurels. We knew we could make them better, so we did. After several busy months of development in our test kitchen, we are stoked to be able to finally introduce to our lovely customers not one but TWO new and improved renditions of favorite Muddy's cookies! We are so excited, in fact--and these cookies are just SO sexy--we brought in photo stylist Karlee Bronson of Milo Made Studio to help us make our images of these beauties worthy of their buttery, chocolatey, molassesy deliciousness! Did we succeed? Well, you'll have to come in next week (beginning October 12) when the cookies will debut at both of our locations, and taste for yourself!

First up is our seasonal classic, the Molasses Gingerbread Cookie. You already know it is a particularly soft, moist, and buttery cookie, falling right in that sweet spot between cakiness and brownieness that you just have to experience to understand. Not quite as sweet as some of our other cookies here at Muddy's, our Molasses Gingerbread Cookies are known for their intense wintertime spiciness. Seriously, these things taste like Christmas. Not just any Christmas, mind you, but that one when you came into the living room and found Santa left something so big it didn't fit under the tree. So how could something so perfect be made even more perfect?

1. We added bits of candied ginger. You guys have made it pretty clear that you love the candied ginger baked into Dad's Ginger Scones, so we thought we'd try it out in these cookies. One taste and there was no going back!

2. We rolled them in raw sugar. Molasses cookies need a crunchy, crackly exterior. Raw sugar is where it's at!

3. We made them bigger! A cookie this good has got to be at least a bit oversized. Trust us, your taste buds will demand it!

Our second in our line of new and improved cookies may come as more of a surprise, considering just how huge of a year-round favorite it is.

Seriously, I've eaten one of Muddy's Chocolate Chip Cookies almost every day for the last two years (you can ask any of my co-workers if you don't believe me: I am not one to make this kind of thing up). So needless to say, my mouth literally dropped when I first heard about the change of recipe, but from my first bite of the new Chocolate Chip Cookie, I decided I didn't want to live in a world without them ever again!

Like our Molasses Gingerbread Cookie, our new Chocolate Chip Cookie had a three-step makeover.

1. We replaced the chips with chunks. With our high-quality semisweet chocolate chunks, you get bigger oh-so-melty pools of chocolate in every bite. Can you say, "YUM"?

2. We replaced the salt with sea salt. Because why use salt when you can use sea salt? Sea salt adds that little something-something that brings out the caramelized flavor of the brown sugar and butter better than anything else.

3. We made them bigger! Same deal as with our new Molasses Gingerbread Cookies: when a cookie is this big on flavor, it's GOTTA be, well, big.

Naturally, cookies this fancy are going to cost a bit more than their plainer counterparts, but trust us: you won't be complaining once you get your hands (or mouth, I should say) on them! We can't wait to share our latest lovelies with you, our lovely customers next week. Don't be shy. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Karlee Bronson for her styling expertise! Also thanks to the following for their special guest appearances...

Party Glasses (set of 4)
Sip Sip Hooray Paper Straws
Bee Tea Towel
Confetti Bombs
Confetti Poppers

All this and more is available on the shelves at both Muddy's location!

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october 5-10 staff picks: a delicious fall back to the classics

baker's choice

recommendations straight from the source: our kitchen gnomies!

Baker : Tabitha
Her choice: Prozac Cupcakes

Considering its status as the single most popular Muddy's treat in the history of ever, it's no wonder baking maven Tabitha chose the Prozac Cupcake this week as her Baker's Choice! If you haven't already had a Prozac Cupcake, chances are you're either brand new to the Muddy's scene or just not all that into chocolate (hey, no judgement here, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, right?). But for the rest of you chocoholics out there who have yet to partake of the perfection that is the Prozac Cupcake... the time is now my friends. Muddy's does your favorite chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream combo best. As Tabitha says, it's her go-to choice just about every week because, "It's always moist, the chocolate is divine, and it's not too sweet."

gnomie nosh

friendly familiar faces (you know from the shops) recommend their faves! 

Sky wearing Life of Pie shirt and posing with pie on a stick

Gnomie: Sky
Her nosh: Walk in the Woods Pie

If you can't tell from her picture, gnomie Sky likes pie. Like, a lot. She's pretty stoked about the return of what's been a fall favorite with the Muddy's crowd for years, and she asked me to tell you to PLEASE join her in noshing on it this week before she eats it all! Our aptly named Walk in the Woods Pie is a one-of-a-kind slice of seasonal heaven. This is no ordinary apple pie, y'all: we peel and slice the apples by hand and add dried cranberries and a yummy scratch-made granola topping to make this pie every bit as spectacular as an actual walk in the woods while the fall is working its magic!

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muddy's <3's the fall in memphis!

Good morning Memphis, and good morning October! This weather this month has brought us thus far has been nothing short of delicious, especially when paired with a slice of Sweet Patootie Pie and a Pumpkin D'light Cupcake! Or for that matter, anything on our freshly updated online preorder menu. If you haven't checked it out in the last couple of days, CLICK HERE to see all the possible ways you have to celebrate the fall with Muddy's!

Yet another reason why we're so excited about this fall is the news that you love us, Memphis! We were floored with gratitude when we heard we were a triple crown winner of the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis: Best Dessert Shop, Best Bakery, and a tie with Cafe Eclectic for Best Coffeehouse.

We just want to say "Thank you, Memphis!" and we are so excited to be entering the fall of 2015 with you! Bring on the changing leaves, the changing leaves, and the Pumpkin Scones, baby.

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september 28-october 3 staff picks: pumpkin season at last!

baker's choice

recommendations straight from the source: our kitchen gnomies!

Baker : Leslee
Her choice: Pumpkin D'light Cake

We all got lucky this week, folks, when I just so happened to ask baker Leslee to provide me with a Baker's Choice for the week shortly after her first bite of Pumpkin D'light Cake. She was still in that sweet love-at-first-bite delirium that happens to all of us when we eat that particularly perfect treat... which I've got to say after working for Muddy's almost five years, never fades away.

"I just tried our Pumpkin D'light Cake for the first time, and it's amazing! It's so moist and the cream cheese frosting is soooo delicious. It makes me so excited about fall and the changing weather. This cake literally makes me clap my hands. And it's so good with coffee!"

gnomie nosh

friendly familiar faces (you know from the shops) recommend their faves! 

Gnomie: Emily L.
Her nosh: Pumpkin Chai Latte

We decided 'twas the season to shake things up a bit in our Gnomie Nosh department: gnomies nosh on our top-notch Muddy's Grind House beverages throughout the week every bit as often as they chow down on our baked goods, right? This week barista gnomie Emily L. says her nosh is a no-brainer: it's Muddy's Midtown's new Pumpkin Chai Latte (sorry this one isn't available at our East Memphis location on Sanderlin). Our spicy and warm Chai Tea Latte is taken to a whole new level of autumn with a flavor shot of Pumpkin Spice and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Don't be ashamed: we know you're craving it as much as we gnomies are! Order a Pumpkin Chai Latte with pride next time you come see us at Muddy's Midtown.

"This Fall I'm embracing the Basic. I love pumpkin spice and I'm not afraid to tell people." -Emily L.

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